Cell2Get Plans to Surprise Industry on Cyber Monday

Brooklyn, New York-based electronics retailer Cell2Get is promising to “shake up” the e-tail industry for Cyber Monday, but company spokesman Paul Frank has steadfastly declined to provide much in the way of specifics, citing the necessary secrecy surrounding company plans when it comes to major announcements. “What I can say, however, is that it all has to do with you recently-published ‘first dibs’ deal” with major manufacturers around the world,” he said.

Mobile communications resellers have been skeptical of any exclusivity deals with just one outlet, even if it were the single biggest player on the field. Some industry insiders claim it is impossible, simply on account of all the free trade and fair competition implications involved from just a legal point of view, never mind the economic ramifications as well. Again, Mr. Frank of Cell2Get declined to comment in detail, except to reiterate the company’s ongoing “excitement at something that’s sure to shake up the way things are done in this business.”

Cyber Monday is the online e-tailer’s answer to brick-and-mortar stores’ Black Friday shopping extravaganza, where prices are steeply slashed in order to attract holiday purchases, so normally one would expect any announcement at such a time to merely involve deep discounts. But through Mr. Frank, Cell2Get has been adamant that their announcement will concern something else, “though savvy shoppers should know that we will continue to offer the best deals anywhere, online or off,” he said.

Refusing all further comment, Cell2Get has left fellow retailers to speculate. Just a few weeks earlier in November, Mr. Frank claimed that “our many loyal customers…can now expect [mobile products] to ‘street’ much earlier with Cell2Get than almost anywhere else, but always at the same discount pricing structure.” Brushing skeptics aside, Mr. Frank closed the matter by ending this latest announcement with the admonition to “watch and see.”

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