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Cell2Get Cell Phones from Cell2Get.com are like none other on the market.  That’s because you get high technology at low prices, all brand new and with absolutely no contracts whatsoever to tie you down!  From the best Blackberrys to the smartest Samsungs, all Cell2Get handsets offer true freedom of choice and convenience because you are not locked into one specific carrier.

Cell2Get.com doesn’t just sell cell phones; we thoroughly understand this business.  As one of the national’s largest retailers for mobile communications, Cell2Get’s familiarity with industry leaders like Motorola and Palm help us provide you with the best selection and prices possible.  Veteran insiders ourselves, we remember when Palm practically invented the smartphone.  We remember when BlackBerry was a manufacturer of innovative two-way pagers.  One of our old-timers even remembers Motorola being granted the first FCC license for cellular handsets in the United States!

Cell2Get really appreciates the cell phone like no other company.  We are full of facts and trivia about this industry because we’re technology geeks and history buffs.  For instance, did you know that Samsung means “three stars” in Korean, after the company’s three main businesses in electronics, shipbuilding, and construction?  That’s right, from a small import/export business just half a century ago, it is now the largest consumer electronics company in the world and the second-largest shipbuilder anywhere!  The company’s holdings are so profitable that its economic activity is even larger than all of the whole country of Argentina!

Fellow Korean concern LG is also a multinational conglomerate – or “chaebol” in Korean – that does business in even more industries than Samsung, and even owns a professional baseball team!  Another interesting cell phone manufacturer is HTC, who has long been an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM).  ODMs not only manufacture for others the way an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) does, but they also design the product as well.  Thus, many of the most popular brands of mobile phones you see are likely HTC phones – only by another name!  After some thirty years of experience, they are now finally marketing mobile communications under their own brand.

Cell2Get.com is full of expertise and stories like this.  It’s what makes us so helpful to our customers.  Being knowledgeable allows us to provide the kind of advice and support so necessary for their full satisfaction.  And, while we’re on the topic, Cell2Get isn’t without its own interesting background.  Contact Cell2Get.com to find out more!